2018 Inspired Year Planner

A beautiful, inspiring calendar & goal-setting tool, bringing balance to purposeful creatives who want to give their best to the world.

We are dreamers. We are adventurers. We are creatives.

Every day our lives move quickly – an ever growing to-do list. Dinner to make. A house to clean. Work obligations. Children to care for. It could overwhelm just about anyone.

But you’re not just anyone.

You have ambition – to give your all to the things you truly care about. You have passions – that fuel you and inspire you to be your best. You have dreams – to create, to travel… to change the world.

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Taking the time to write down and make space for what I wanted from my year, reflecting on why it was important, and committing to the time and space in my life to follow through with my goals gave me newfound energy and purpose.

It was the first year I got away, for a multi-week international family vacation (after 10 years running my business and being afraid to drop the ball), which I’ve now taken every year since.

It was the year I rediscovered lost hobbies, like painting and running.

It was the year I said no to a lot of things, to make room for more important thingsto say yes to.

Focusing on my goals changed how I looked at my time, and has helped me live much more intentionally.

The excitement that comes from working towards new goals is unlike any other energizing force!

Committing to a new project, whether it be a new exercise routine, a healthy change in eating habits, an entrepreneurial project, or any new routine – being all-in and putting all of ourselves into something we are excited about – gives us boundless energy and hope.

Living into your goals requires constant recalibration

In the years since then, I’ve realized how no matter how much we try, without focusing on our intentions each year, and making space for them, we can easily get derailed.

Life can take us off course. One day we’ve got everything under control. The next a child is sick, our husband is on a business trip, a friend is in need, and things may start to fall apart.

Our ability to balance everything is in constant flux.

We need to repeatedly revisit our goals, intentions and work-life balance throughout the year.

Ready to plan your new year?

If you’re ready to consider how you can create more work-life balance and stick to your goals in 2017, check out the Inspired Year Planner, or download the 2017 goal-setting worksheets.


Step 1. Start with Priorities

  • How do you feel now?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • Action

Step 2. Look at the Big Picture

What are your big dreams?


Inspired Year Planner in Gold Stripes

The Inspired Year Planner incorporates all these beautiful goal-setting pages, and more, and includes monthly, daily & weekly goal-setting so that you can take your goals into your daily life.

My favorite planner ~ love, love, love it!

“This planner has the beauty I want in my day, and the functionality I need to keep organized. The built in goal-setting feature is a bonus that adds to your life tenfold. Yes, my favorite planner ~ love, love, love it!"
- Regina G.

Step 3. Consider what Energizes You

Inspiration is the key to finding energy and motivation towards your goals. Incorporating what energizes you into your life keeps you positive and excited for each new day.



Step 4. Picture an ideal work-life balance

Don't lose sight of all that energizes you - self-care, relationships, family, & play.

Heart-centered goals truly matter to you, so you’ll be more likely to achieve them. You wouldn't want to build a house without a good foundation. Your creative success depends on you taking care of you, and what matters most to you, first.

Inspired Year Planner with Follow Dreams Artwork

Take your big goals and turn them into reality by tracking milestones and making space in your Inspired Year Planner every month.

It's absolutely what I have been looking for every year in a planner.

“This planner has everything that I need to stay organized all in one beautiful book. It's absolutely what I have been looking for every year in a planner. I love the inspirational quotes, daily goal setting, and daily focus area. The appointment setting page gives you enough space to write the info you need. Loving it."
Rhonda T.


Step 5. Determine your Focus

Create momentum in your life by engaging in the powerful process of writing down your goals and why they matter.

Step 6. Create Milestones

Break down goals from the big picture to months then weeks.
Make actionable milestones front and center and calendar them in.


Exclusively on my blog, the first pages of the Inspired Year Planner are available for free download as goal-setting worksheets.

Download goal-setting worksheets

“Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Simply setting goals isn't enough. Incorporating your goals into your life, by bringing them into your calendar, helps bring goals into actionable steps which can then become a reality."