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The Inspired Year Planner is on tour!

The 2018 Inspired Year Planner to be is coming soon! To celebrate, creatives across the globe are sharing how they’ve been using their Inspired Year Planners.

This week, along the tour, Corinne of The Pragmatic Parent shared how the planner helps her focus on self-care and balance:

“I’m in LOVE with this planner, because it zeros in on making self-care a priority during the everyday routine of motherhood.”

And Corinne knows a thing or two about how difficult work+life balance can be…

As the mother of 3 children (including twins!), she has built her own web-based business that serves as a part-time creative outlet while earning her a full-time income.

Corinne loves how the Inspired Year Planner breaks down goals into seasons, which aligns with her 12-week goal-setting routine. Setting goals for shorter periods helps her focus on managing her productivity in small, achievable steps.

The Pragmatic Parent

Like other creative women, Corinne believes in the value of a physical planner, rather than relying on apps, a computer or smartphone, because it helps her feel more organized and remember details better.

“As a busy mom, self-care and scheduling time, as well as goals for your own dreams, are an essential part of thriving in motherhood and being a happy parent.”

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