My first Etsy sales!


I’m super happy and excited! After 6 months of turning my passion for creating inspirational messages on wood art, and waiting for a sale, not just one – but two people, in the same 3 day period – loved my work enough to actually BUY it!

In the Etsy world, I am finally legitimate. Not just a dreamer but a seller.

So why am I also a little sad?

Turns out I got a little attached to my little pieces of art, no matter how simple they are… I slowed down my production and they are some of the few pieces I love that are hanging on my wall. And now I have to say goodbye to them.

I built these pieces to enrich the lives of others…

But I didn’t realize that as they sat here, waiting for their eventual home to be claimed, that they kind of became a part of me, and began enriching my life as well.

And now, as I celebrate my first sales on Etsy as part of my This Cherished Life Etsy Shop, I am also sad to see these pieces go.

So, I will instead focus on the good I am spreading. Wonderful messages of love and inspiration that other women can have as these sit proudly on their shelves or walls.

My two sales:


I will have to learn that creating art to sell means watching the pieces grow wings and leave the nest… on to do good in someone else’s life. And freeing me to create more, be inspired by the work I am doing, and share the messages I love most.