2016 Goal worksheets – free printable

Two years ago I was given my first taste of goal setting for the year, and I have learned the value in creating time to introspectively take stock of where your life is at, where you are heading, and how you will live intentionally to meet your personal aspirations and craft a life you love every day.

What I learned through the process of goal setting and sharing the process with other women doing the same is that we can all be more intentional with how we want to live our lives, and support one another in doing so.

And by being intentional with how we live, we can be at ease, feel happier, and maintain control of what can otherwise feel like an overwhelming amount of responsibility as a working mom.

I don’t think that any of us can every say we are 100% fulfilled in all areas of our lives – it’s a constant balance… but I’ve spent the past 2 years being a lot more intentional about what I want out of life, and have been much happier for it.

Your goal setting for 2016 

Recently, I was asked to speak at a working mom’s event for planning new year goals. This gave me an opportunity to consider everything I’ve learned, and exercises that helped me, and compact them all into a guided planning tool that could help other busy working moms.

The workshop was so successful, and so much fun, I’ve decided to share the worksheets for free here on my blog.

Your happiness radiates to the people around you

What we do for ourselves radiates to all of those who we love and who love us. As mothers, we are the center of our family. What we think, do, say, and feel are intrinsically reflected upon the faces and in the hearts of our children and spouses. When mom is happy, the family is happy. And vice versa.

Don’t make the mistake of giving too much of yourself, so there is nothing left for you to feed off of. Your family needs you inspired, energized, and full of life, and they will flourish too.

The best thing you can do – not just for yourself – but for your children, your spouse, and the loved ones in your life, is to take care of YOU.

I encourage you to take some time for yourself to think about what you want to make a priority in your life for the next year.

Calendar some time for your goal-setting

Right now, set aside a 1.5 hour visit to a coffee shop or quiet place, or choose 3 mornings that you can get up 30 minutes early to spend some time on these exercises for you. Put this time on your calendar and honor it as you would any appointment.

Download the worksheets here which will guide you through a straightforward, heart-centered goal setting process to help you visualize and live into a fulfilling work+life balance.

Guidelines for your goal-setting session:

(all of this is included in the free download)

  1. Start with how you feel now, and how you’d like to feel. What needs to change for you to feel the way you’d like to? What do you need to bring into your life? What do you need to cut out?
  2. Think about your life, and what matters most. What will you look back on when you are 80 years old and feel most proud about? Taking some time to consider the big picture provides perspective and helps you frame this moment of your life within the larger journey.
  3. Consider the hobbies, interests and other inspiration that provides you energy.
  4. Assess what areas of your life you are least and most fulfilled in, and prioritize the areas that you are most interested in improving.
  5. Create specific goals in each area of your life
  6. Prioritize the main goals you’d like to achieve on a monthly basis throughout the year.
  7. Create a specific action plan for the first month(s) of the year and get it calendared

I look forward to hearing how these worksheets help you prioritize what matters most in your life.

Get started today

Download your 2015 goal-setting worksheets here: click here for you free goal-setting worksheets.