Creative Fulfillment. Flexibility & Freedom. Powerful Profitability.


  • Wanted more flexibility
  • Knew you had unique talents & passions to contribute to others
  • Wanted a better work+life balance
  • Wanted more creative freedom

  • Unclear of the best way to move forward
  • Unsure how to find new clients
  • Overwhelmed with keeping up
  • Like you never get a break
  • Your services are being undervalued

Unleash your vision for your business + lifestyle

Get the support you need

  • Get in control of the constantly moving task-list each day
  • Create boundaries with clients and for yourself
  • Get intentional, flexible and in control of your time
  • Achieve financial goals and stay on budget with projects
  • Learn how to get paid what you're worth

Hi, I'm Kathy

I've built a business just like yours from the ground up.

Years ago, I started my business charging just $35/hour. It wasn't long before I'd built a referral-based, successful six-figure business.

With over 10 years of experience running my own design & marketing business, I've learned through trial and error all the nuances of how to be successful as a business owner. Success has as much to do (or more) with the ability to manage time, clients and projects as it does with creative talent.


Heart-centered coaching and consulting for focus, accountability and support to grow your business, create a life with balance, and nurture your soul.

Unleash your business + lifestyle includes

1-on-1 coaching

Business consulting

1 week international entrepreneur's retreat



Enjoy the creative process involved with working on new and exciting projects, and work with people who understand and respect you and admire your talent and expertise.


I want you to live a life where you set your own rules. I wish for you that your financial success and flexible work allow you to travel, spend quality time with your family and live your sense of adventure on a regular basis.


I want you to bring in new projects and handle them with confidence and charisma. Your financial success and reputation will allow you the freedom to create your boundaries and be able to say no to projects you don't enjoy so you have room for the projects you love.


You'll also receive these bonus materials

resource library ♥ monthly mastermind calls ♥ online community access ♥ optional branding + web design package

"If you love what you do, then the world will fall in love with you." - Chuck Williams

Nice things people have said about working with me

Jim Arabia
Jim Arabia

Kathy is a fantastic resource. Creative, smart, hard working with the talent to find the solution to any problem. Her results-oriented approach mixed with her creative skills shows in all the work she produces, large or small.

Andrea Owen
Andrea Owen

Kathy is fantastic! Her work is creative, well thought out and timely. She listens to the needs of the client and translates those into actionable solutions. Kathy is a consumate professional and I would recommend her to anyone.

Regina Gregor
Regina Gregor

The last workshop I took with Kathy far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with the workshop, its content, presentation and how much Kathy was willing to share of her knowledge... It would have taken me months to figure out and still not come close to what I achieved with Kathy’s guidance. Valuable beyond measure.

Helen Cagle
Helen Cagle

You are a superb individual to work with and your professionalism and integrity are so hard to come by these days.

What do you want out of your business + lifestyle this year?

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