Inspired Year Planner Giveaway & Promotion Offer

You love sharing inspirational, motivational tools with your community. Now you can promote something your followers will love and grow your audience – for free!

We want to partner with you to grow your audience and share the Inspired Year Planner with more heart-centered women and creatives!

How it works:

Write a blog post about goal-setting, organizational tips or reviewing the Inspired Year Planner, a new, unique goal-setting calendar launched with 120% funding through Kickstarter. In exchange, you’ll be featured on the This Cherished Life website and newsletter to 12,000+ readers and you’ll get a free Inspired Year Planner to use as a giveaway to your audience (who doesn’t love free stuff?!).

What you get:

  • Be featured on the Cherished Life website and in the Cherished Life email newsletter, which goes out to 12,000 subscribers!
  • A 2019 Inspired Year Planner ($49 value) provided as a giveaway for you to promote
  • You will also get an Inspired Year Planner for you to keep! Your ability to test out the planner prior to writing an article about it is key to your authentic and honest review.
  • If you prefer not to run the contest entries yourself, a link will be provided for you to use.
  • Imagery of the planner and an embedded link, to track audience participation, will be provided.
  • Opportunity to join 10% commission on referrals

Who this offer is for:

  • Bloggers who would like to grow their following and get increased exposure to a like-minded audience
  • Bloggers with an audience of 500+ in email subscribers or on mainstream social media (FB, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter)
  • Publish a blog between the promotion dates of 10/10/18 and 10/26/18 on a topic around goal-setting or planning (see topic suggestions) and using provided link and at least one Inspired Year Planner image.
  • Your post must be published during the promotion dates and remain published for one full year. Excerpts and images from your post may be used in conjunction with Inspired Year Planner marketing during this time.

Suggested blog topics:

  • Write about how you plan your days and weeks or how your goal-setting for the year is going
  • Share your morning routine and what works/doesn’t work about it
  • Review the planner – what you like most about it or how it’s different from what you have used in the past
  • Interview Kathy about the planner – questions can be provided, just add 2-3 of your own then create a blog with a summary of the interview. Interview can be done by email.
  • Have fun with it! Make it a podcast interview, share about your own struggles with planning, talk about your morning routine – the possibilities are limitless!

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you!

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What makes the Inspired Year Planner unique?

  • Goal-setting is built into every month & week. No more setting goals on a paper that gets lost; a built-in full calendar allows you to use it for all your planning needs, and with goal-tracking on every page, you’ll have constant reminders to take steps to move goals forward regularly.
  • It feels like a true investment in well-being from the moment you pick it up. With an uplifting, colorful, and inspiring design on every page (no stickers, colored pencils needed!) – it’s ready-to-go out of the package to delight your senses and motivate you into action.
  • Your daily muse with a gentle nudge. The Inspired Year Planner is not like typical business-focused planners that are all about action without acknowledging that sometimes it’s the unplanned moments that are the sweetest. Designed by a busy, entrepreneurial mom of 3, the planner is made with balance in mind. It is as much about taking time for you as it is about achievement. Quarterly balance charts help prioritize goals that truly matter to you and revisit what’s most important as the year goes on, whether its business, home, friends or self-care.

What Kickstarter backers have to say about the Inspired Year Planner:

“I love the goal setting work pages to align my priorities and the multiple pages to organize my thoughts and plans on the calendar.”
– Lindsey

“It’s beautiful. This planner has the beauty I want in my day, and the functionality I need to keep organized. The built in goal setting feature is a bonus that adds to your life tenfold. Yes, my favorite planner ~ love love love it!
– Regina G.

“I would definitely recommend the planner to others who are desiring to order their lives, and improve on realizing their priorities.”
– Jodie M.

“I like that it is bright and big enough not to get ‘lost’; roomy so can personalize with my own notes/lists. Especially good for those on the planner ‘fence’ — attractive & useful.”
– Diane R.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you!

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