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“Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who come alive." - Howard Thurman

About This Cherished Life

As ambitious women, we can get caught up in so much busywork - trying to be everything to everybody - and lose sight of the big picture. We can lose track of what we really want out of our lives.

We can lose energy and inspiration.

Two years ago, I was a busy PTO president, taking care of 3 young children and keeping up my full time business, when I realized I was missing out on enjoying the most precious moments of all - the present.

I felt like I didn't have enough time in the day for myself, but I learned that until you start creating intention to do otherwise, little things will keep filling up your schedule. That focusing on what's in your heart can open up possibilities and allow you to create a life you truly love.

The more mindful you are, the better you’ll be at putting your dreams, passions and priorities first.

It all can be found by starting with journaling 20 minutes a day and listening to your heart.


Get free access to the 30 day planner + daily challenges + our private heart-centered community

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What women who've joined the passion & purpose writing challenge have said

“I loved every piece of the challenge! I feel like this has helped me not only place self-care as a higher priority in my life, but also find new ways to practice self-care in the first place AND actually act on it! I know self-care needs to be a huge part of my life as preventative care. Yet I often neglect to act on that knowledge. This has inspired me to start walking the walk instead of just giving self-care lip service, which is HUGE. I've learned so many self-care ideas over the years, so I was really surprised to discover even more through this challenge (the exercise on what you like about vacation was super eye-opening!). And this was all with doing just a third of the prompts! As a part of making my self-care a priority, I'm going to go back through and catch the ones I missed. These prompts were MUCH more beneficial and creative than other journaling prompts I've found. I think it would even be helpful to redo them every year or so. Definitely grateful I stumbled upon this!”

- Ashleigh

“Thanks to the challenge, I really made myself a priority the last 30 days and tried/learned not to apologize for it or feel guilty about taking the time. I feel like I have a clearer path ahead of me on directions to head. The challenge helped me say no to things I didn't want to spend my time doing and yes to things I had put off, freeing up time to think and pay attention to little whispers, and being more aware of how I spend my time. For example, I started doing research on a topic I was interested in, and connected with a woman who asked if she could pay me for my help in the area. I would NEVER have thought to charge for sharing knowledge like that. I also started going to an exercise class that I would not have dared to go to before. I loved it so much that I have been back and am looking forward to going again!”


“The challenge helped me dig into me and connect more with myself.”


“The challenge helped me dig rather than deflect. I hadn't thought about many of the questions before, and realized that I needed to listen to myself. It has helped me try to connect more with people and start talking to others that are in the field that I think I want to pursue.”


“I loved the daily questions/interactions on facebook. I loved the concept of this challenge and just having a challenge in general! I love getting outside my box and taking time to analyze things!”


“Since starting the challenge, I have been saying no more. I've noticed that I do put myself first a lot. I just have more balance with playing with my kids, taking time for me, and having boundaries around my work with less guilt. I'm more in touch with my true desires. So happy and proud of your heart felt work. You don't mess around.”

- Tonia

“I spent quality time on myself. I have learned so many things about what I want in life and what I have to do to achieve it.”


“I have reflected daily about each question posted. I started out strong, reviewed and started the monthly journal and then had some great things happen in my life. I started to tell my husband/family/friends of my intentions and goals. I started putting myself first! I invested in me!!! I started a new nutritional system that has giving me great energy. I am meeting my fitness goals and seeing changes with my body, mind, and spirit. My job assigned me additional accounts and praised my work (and got crazy busy - adjustment period). Next week I am taking a vacation to visit with my family. Going home always grounds me. I am looking to spending time with my family and best friend. I also know I will finally have some quite and down time, so I can dive deeper into the daily writings and putting my intentions and goals down on paper. These reflections have not only made me look at myself, but also at what I want to achieve and the steps I need to take to achieve them.”

- Rochelle

Get free access to the 30 day planner + daily challenges + our private heart-centered community

Your email is safe and will be kept private.