Don’t hold your best self back

Sometimes we throttle ourselves. We hold our best self back.

Because the practical world says we must. The work. The kids. The house. The chores. The LIFE that has to be lived just so. Says we must.

And it dampens our spirit. Cages our soul.

And a little voice inside us says, not everything we want is possible.

But then there’s an even stronger pulse inside us.

The one that says, but what if it was?
What would that look like? How would that feel?

And what if, just what if, the things we truly desire are possible?

And when we let that feeling out – and let it be true and full… That is when we feel we CAN do anything we set our mind to. Our heart sings, and we reignite our excitement for what is. Right now.

What is the heart-soaring feeling you’ve been caging in? What might happen if you let it out? Let it spread its wings? And soar?

I dare you to find out.

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